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Since 1998, we have been recycling construction debris. As a leader in the recycling industry today, we maintain a large fleet of equipment and personnel dedicated to the recycling effort. Kroeker Inc operates a fully permitted C&D recycling facility with over 47 acres available at our site, large amounts of material are processed. It is our goal to minimize material that must go to the landfill. We separate metals, plastic, paper, wood, glass, and other materials where they are prepared for the next phase for reuse.

We have one of the largest grinders available on the market to grind wood and landscape materials for bedding, co-generation and other markets of reuse.
A full time on-site crushing operation is maintained to crush concrete and other aggregate materials into base rock.

A 31 station “picking belt” is in operation where workers separate debris by hand for a more complete recycling process.

Due to the advanced methods, the size and capabilities of our recycling operation, we are proud that many government agencies visit for tours and information. Also, public agencies and private citizens frequently visit our facility just to see the recycling first hand. We welcome these visits and have an open door policy to our processes and our records.
As a member of the US Green Building Council, and an active participant in the LEED program, it is our goal to reduce mining, trucking, pollution, etc, while improving air quality. We recycle over 95% of the material delivered to our site. We intend to be a leader in keeping our environment GREEN.

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