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Class II Aggregate Base Rock


The class II base from Kroeker, Inc meets or exceeds all California State Standards. We inject 10% moisture at the stack to keep this material “fresh” and ready to be placed at your jobsite.

With two separate scales in our Fresno Branch, a separate scale in our Madera, California Branch, we can keep your trucks moving without delay. A fleet of wheel loaders from 5 yd to 8yd can handle a material order of nearly any size.

Our base is preferred for use in these and other applications:

  1. Private and Public right of way and driveway aggregate base

  2. Private and public right of way exterior concrete flatwork base.

  3. On and offsite underground trench backfill material

  4. Overex and stabilizing material

  5. Temporary roadways or construction site entry materials

 Whatever the size of your project, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs. If you need baserock in Central California, call us for a quote.


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