Kroeker Heavy Demo Division

A major part of our company is built around heavy demolition. We provide demolition of any size structure for industrial sites, government agencies, retail buildings, hotels, bridges, fire or flood damage, multi story buildings down to residential and more.

With a massive fleet of excavators, breakers, pulverizers, processors, shears, wheel and track loaders, backhoes, skid steers, and fully equipped “demo trucks”, we can accommodate any special need. There are over 300 pieces of specialized equipment and 140 highway licensed units at your service.

Our work has taken us from California to Arizona and New Mexico. Many customers request us to do their work since they have experienced our level of service and professionalism compared to others.

Having state of the art equipment available, coupled with an experienced staff, we are able to complete any job on schedule in all sorts of conditions.

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Heavy Demolition


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